Dialysis Technician (Job Code: Dys/Tech/0)

Dialysis Department


Bachelor / Diploma


5 Years Experience Rquired

No of Positions


Closing Date

31 October 2016

Role Description:

Dialysis technicians function in multiple roles, which include dialyzer reprocessing, equipment maintenance and repair, water treatment monitoring, participation in quality improvement, vascular access monitoring and direct patient care.

Certified hemodialysis technicians are the primary direct care giver for patients undergoing dialysis treatments. They work closely with, and under the direct supervision of, registered nurses as an important member of the patient care team. Through primarily on the job training, a certified hemodialysis technician must learn and understand the scientific principles of dialysis, the process of the dialysis treatment, and how to respond to the physical and emotional needs of people undergoing dialysis treatments.

Work Setting:

Dialysis technicians are employed in dialysis facilities located in hospitals and out-patient facilities, as well as home dialysis programs or industry.

Reporting Relationship:

In most dialysis facilities, the certified hemodialysis technician is the staff person who is primarily responsible for performing the actual dialysis treatment, while the nurse is responsible for the overall care of the patient. The technician works under direct supervision of the registered nurse, who is responsible for making decisions and providing guidance any time the treatment varies from normal parameters or the patient's condition becomes unstable.


Prepares dialysate according to established procedures and the dialysis prescription:

Assembles necessary supplies
Assembles and prepares the dialysis extracorporeal circuit according to protocol and dialysis prescription.
Verifies absence of residual sterilants.
Tests monitors and machine functions, including alarms, conductivity and temperature. Sets monitors and alarms according to unit and manufacturer protocols.
Obtains and documents pre-dialysis vital signs, weight, and temperature.
Inspects a patient's dialysis access. Administers local anesthesia, inserts needles, and initiates dialysis according to unit protocol and patient prescription.
Documents treatment parameters and communicates patient condition and issues to Registered Nurse.
Administers anticoagulant according to unit protocols and prescription.
Measures and adjusts blood flow rates according to established protocols and prescription.
Calculates and adjusts fluid removal rates according to established protocols and prescription.
Monitors patients and equipment, responds to alarms, and readjusts treatment parameters as defined by established protocols and individual patient requirements.
Changes fluid removal rate and patient position, and administers replacement saline as directed by the registered nurse, physician order, or unit protocol.
Responds appropriately to dialysis-related emergencies such as hypotensive episodes, needle displacement or infiltration, clotting episodes, blood leaks, air emboli, etc. Initiates cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the event of a cardiac arrest.
Discontinues dialysis and establishes hemostasis following unit protocol. Inspects, cleans, and dresses access according to unit protocol.
Obtains and records post-dialysis vital signs, temperature, and weight.
Discards dialysis supplies and sanitizes equipment according to manufacturer and unit protocol.
Communicates emotional, medical, psychosocial, and nutritional concerns to the registered nurse.
Maintains professional conduct, good communication skills, and confidentiality in the care of patients. Participates in the multidisciplinary process.
Collaborates with the registered nurse in identifying and meeting patient education goals.
Daily Checking of water system and Reverse Osmosis, weekly conducting of disinfection of loops with the help of Engineering department.
Water test and analysis Monthly in coordination with the unit supervisor and report back the result.

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